Immigration Solutions and Representation

Hammond Law Group is one of the top immigration firms throughout the United States. Unlike many other firms that tend to specialize in one aspect of immigration law, Hammond Law Group (HLG) is unique because it has developed expertise in both corporate or business and individual immigration matters. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio and with offices in Cleveland, Phoenix, Portland, Los Angeles and San Francisco, HLG provides exceptional legal work and outstanding customer service. Since 1991, HLG has helped hundreds of thousands of immigrants and foreign workers migrate through the U.S. immigration laws to achieve the best results for their matters.

Hammond Law Group’s goal is to be a law firm that does not look or act much like a typical law firm but still gives great advice and counsel in an exceptionally timely manner. If you want an old-school stodgy law firm where everyone wears suits and bills by the hour on all their cases, then you are at the wrong place. We like suits, but there are times and places for them and we choose not to wear them often. If you attend one of our educational seminars, we expect you to laugh as much as learn. We want to enrich the client experience and do so without all the formality.

Cleveland Immigration Lawyers Serving the United States

Our Cleveland, OH immigration attorneys continually provide exceptional legal advice to businesses with any immigration matter. Whether you’re the corner shop or a multinational corporation we will find a solution for your specific immigration challenge. We represent Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and other domestic, international and multinational corporations. We also work closely with our local universities and other economic growth type organizations in fueling the economy with foreign talent. HLG provides high quality, sophisticated, cutting-edge U.S. immigration solutions and representation.

Hammond Law Group’s immigration knowledge base and representation includes but is not limited to temporary work visas such as H-1B visas, E-3 Visas, J-1 visas, O-1 visas, TN visas for Canadians and Mexican professionals, and L’s for multinational managers and executives, or blanket L’s for multinational corporations and L-1B specialized knowledge cases. We also provide representation in obtaining investors seeking the E-2 investor visa or the new Entrepreneurial Parole Program. Sometimes it can be using the B1/B2 visa for business purposes for a temporary entry. Our firm serves many U.S. employers obtaining green cards for their foreign national employees through PERM’s, labor certifications, and national interest waivers.

Our representation includes assisting foreign nationals in the visa stamping process for H-1B and H-4 visas as well as responding to 221(g) notices from the consulate. HLG routinely helps individuals file H-4 EAD’s for those with pending I-140’s. HLG provides cutting edge seminars to employers and individuals when the government shifts a policy, issues a new regulation or Congress passes a new law. We want our clients to be in the know just as much as we are.

Aside from corporate or employment-based immigration issues HLG also provides exceptional legal services for individuals seeking to remain in the U.S. or seeking to unite their families. Our team of Cleveland immigration lawyers prides themselves on understanding the goals of the individuals and their families and how best to use the immigration laws, regulations and policies to help achieve those goals. Our clients routinely refer other family members and friends to us knowing they are going to get great legal advice, with amazing customer service at a fair value. For most cases, HLG does not charge hourly but instead a fixed amount. This helps most families and individuals fit us into their budget. We don’t want to be the obstacle to your families’ success.

The HLG attorneys routinely provides immigration solutions for the family unit through consular processing of fiancé visas and marriage visas as well as green card applications for those already here in the U.S. Our team has an exceptionally high rate of success on I-601 waivers and I-601A waivers as well as when it comes to representing green card holders attain the ultimate goals of citizenship or naturalization cases.

Sometimes things don’t go quite right in an immigration case. Individuals and families alike routinely hire Hammond Law Group attorneys to respond to Requests for Evidence and Notices of Intent to Deny issued by USCIS. Many times the consulate issues 221(g) notices which can be very frustrating. We understand how important this is to the individual and the family and work hard to provide the proper and targeted response to the consulate.

At Hammond Law Group, LLC, it is our mission to be an integral part of our clients’ success. We do so by providing exceptional representation, services and strategic advice to facilitate the hiring and movement of skilled foreign national talent for U.S. based businesses (small and large). We dedicate ourselves to ensuring family unity for all people in the U.S. with foreign relatives.

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