“I took the naturalization oath on July 4th at the court house in Archbold Ohio. I want to express to you my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the expert and professional way in which you represented me to make this all possible. You are a kind, compassionate, understanding, decent, down-to-earth, honest and an overall good person. I will try to make some time in the near future to come to your office to see and thank you personally for your good deed. It’s Americans like you that causes people like me to want to naturalize because you are a perfect example of what a citizen of this great country should be. I simply cannot imagine another attorney who would have been able to do a better job. I will always keep you in my prayers and would recommend you without hesitation to anyone who needs representation in these matters. Thank you, thank you, thank you and may god richly bless you in all your endeavors. With warm regards,”

— E.B.

“My fiance has been in immigration court for more than 10 years and the lawyer who was representing him initially dropped him as her client last minute, leaving us at a loss. After searching for a dependable attorney, I came across the law offices of Hammond Law Group. I sent them a request for advice through their website on a saturday evening and within one hour I received a phone call from Christy and her boss Phil Eichorn. They listened patiently as I explained the entire situation and made sure they understood everything that has happened. They also responded without the legal jargon so I could understand their explanations. They also made sure that any questions we had were completely answered. My fiance had been caught up in quite a bit of legal troubles within the past like domestic violence and drug paraphanalia charges along with staying past his visa. We did not understand this but after Christy investigated his entire case history we learned that he was in Deportation proceedings!!! We were very scared because after learning this we knew it was very possible that he could be deported. To make matters worse we recieved a court trial date to take place within 1 month and our continuance was denied. Christy was able to prepare for a full trial including 20+ witnesses and 4000+ pages, thats right 4000, of documents within that timeframe and was able to win our case!! She made us comfotable with asking as many questions as we wanted at any time if day and she always promptly responded to our emails,even on late nights and weekends. She is so kind and understanding. She is relatable and really has a heart. She genuinely cares about her clients and as long as you are fully cooperative with her requests she will do an excellent job for you. She is pricey but shes worth every penny, also our case was very complicated so we expected a hefty bill. Less complicated cases will surely be affordable and she is very willing to work out a payment plan that fits your budget. We are extremely greatful for everything she has done for us and we now are waiting for his green card. She is young but dont let her age fool you! She is extremely wise, quick on her feet, knowlegable about immigration laws, and has tenure in the immigration court system. If your searching for a reasonable dependable lawyer, pick Christy. She will surely make you comfortable and secure with your immigration troubles.”

— Spencer & Obie

“Christina has been a perfect attorney to me & my husband. She assisted us first in filing for K1 visa & then timely filing for adjustment of status because of which I have received my Green card. She has been very helpful throughout this entire process. We would like to take this as an opportunity to thank her for the same & wish her all the best for her future cases. Thanks a lot Christy.”

— Rinkie & Vinay

“Attorney Eichorn has been of great help. He is really knowledgeable and will help you get through your issue. He enjoys tough cases and nothing stops him from doing his job. He makes you feel comfortable. He is always on time and responds to questions and concerns in a timely manner. He is the best lawyer you could have. He helps you understand whats going to happen and will always email you on updates in your case. Attorney Eichorn will amaze you at how good he is at his position. He is very friendly and has a great personality. I highly recommend this lawyer. I wouldn’t choose another lawyer.”

— Anonymous

“Christina is very knowledgeable and kind. Me and my husband filed for a green card thorough a marriage and even though it was not an easy case for various reasons,she helped us achieve our goal! She is fast,very smart and takes her clients concerns seriously and does anything in her power to help and put everybody’s mind at ease. In a few words,I highly recommend her ,and if for some reason me,family or friends ever need an attorney’s assistance , Christina Turovskiy will be the one we will call!”

— Vita

“Overall my experience with Christy and the firm has been very dependable and successful, from the beginning of my immigration process to now, they have been very informative and threw with every step of my case, and are very reliable and patient with explaining the legal details. Looking forward to the continue success and care of my case under this firm whom I have come to trust in looking out for my best interest.”

— Simone

“I came in the US on an F-1 Visa in 2003 met my husband (US Citizen) in 2005 and we got married in 2006. We filed (ourselves) the petition for Alien relative and the adjustment of status in 2007. I Graduated from College in 2008 and got a job (I maintained a legal status all this time). In early 2009, I was laid off and my husband was unemployed as well. He later got arrested for a few misdemeanors. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, the INS sent us a Notice of Intend to deny the petition for alien relative because we did not have enough evidence of a bona fide marriage.In search for the right person to represent us during these difficult times, some lawyers told us that our case would get denied regardless of what we did at that point and that the best way would be to just reapply after it was denied to avoid deportation. We were just devastated but didn’t give up. After doing some research, I found Philip on aila.org and decided to give it a shot. Since the very first call, we knew that Philip was the Right lawyer for the job. He immediately reassured and convinced us not to give up. He told us that our case should not be considered denied until it actually was. I tried to ask him what we should do in case it was. He refused to discuss failure because he believed in trying very hard and he did a tremendous job. He handled our case very professionally and was very energetic and creative in the process of doing so. Philip knew exactly what to do and that was very reassuring. Few weeks later, the INS approved our case and I am currently a permanent US resident. During the process and even after our case was approved, Phillip was very caring. My husband is now out of trouble and we are very grateful to Philip. I would use his services again without hesitation if I ever need an immigration lawyer again. I would recommend Philip to any friend or family member.”

— Anonymous

“We took legal assistance from Christina for adjusting my status to permanent resident based on my marriage to a US citizen. She was excellent starting from initial consultation, filing my immigration forms, preparing us for the interview and being with us during interview. Entire process was seamless and I received my green card within 3 months of filing. She is very knowledgeable and prepared us for what to expect during the interview for best and worst case scenarios . I will highly recommend her!”

— G Patel

“Christina offered us an invaluable service in our immigration case. She knew exactly what we needed to have prior to the culminating interview, and we were so prepared that the interview took less than half an hour. We felt prepared and at ease at the interview and that is entirely thanks to Christina’s preparation session that was conducted the day prior.Altogether, we cannot say enough about Christina’s depth of knowledge concerning immigration law, and we would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking immigration assistance.”

— Eric

“From the very beginning Philip took charge in aggressive defense helping my wife and me fighting INS deportation and removal procedures. I am a US Army soldier and unfortunately US Army JAG does not represent you in Immigration court. I was forced to look for an attorney in the private sector. The second I called and gave an overview of our case I heard Phil saying: “I will be happy to get your case and I know exactly how to handle it” …and he did. He kept us informed at all times and was very accessible through the e-mails and personal cell phone. My wife now is a Permanent resident of the US with 10 years Green Card. We are very happy with the outcome of the case and now trying to forget that horrible moment of facing deportation”

— Max

“I transferred my case from a different attorney to Phillip Eichorn because I felt that I was being treated like a case number and not a human being with unique problems. I was not disappointed. I did not have to go through an army of secretaries and electronic voice prompts to reach him. Anyone who has been through a crisis realizes the importance of reassurance and the need for human contact at the source of resolution of the crisis; I got that with Philip Eichorn. I have actually recommended him to my department for other colleagues who need the services of an immigration attorney. He’s an extremely competent attorney and makes it look so easy. Best of all, he’s a good guy.”

— Kelechi

“Christina is a very wonderful attorney. I came to know here when i had a problem adjusting my status to become a permanent resident. I was really disturbed about the bad state of my application process because i had NOID. Christina was so nice, attentive and patient when reviewing my case. She came in to work on a weekend the first tine we met just to listen to me and review my case. I was impressed by that height of dedication and passion for her job.She made me comfortable right away. She was honest with her assessments and gave me a check list of items. She was really prompt with her response to all my questions anytime i send her an email. To top it all, for all her professionalism, good client-attorney relationship and wonderful service she barely charge a arm and a leg for her service. I was surprised because some attorney will take advantage of your situation and literally ask you to bring all your fortune.

A case that i have been struggling with for six months was resolved within a month when Christina handled my case. I am now a permanent resident with no second interview required after i got my NOID. All thanks to Christina for a job well done.

I recommend Christina, if you are looking for a reliable and a well knowledgeable attorney.”

— Olumide

“My wife (on student visa) and I recently got married and needed advice and direction to how move forward to submit the documents needed for her to obtain residency/green card. We had many questions and having Christi as our attorney answered ALL those questions and gave the feeling of everything was properly taken care of. Christi’s dedication, knowledge, attention to detail, and follow up skills is what we were looking for when choosing the right lawyer. She has gone over and beyond by accommodating our requests to ensure our case was on track during our busy schedules. Eventhough our case was pretty straight forward, we felt that our questions and filing was at a high priority/attention which exceeded our expectations, highly recommend.”

— Dave

“I met Mr.Eichorn two years ago when he was with a large law firm in Cleveland. When he started his own business last year I chose to stay with him. Since that time he has worked diligently on my case. I find him to be trustworthy, knowledgeable, energetic and efficient. When I met Philip I was going through a difficult time in my life. He was understanding, supportive, and gave me the best possible legal advice as he led me through the obstacles of immigration. I felt safe and secure with him and knew that I am not along with my problems. I fully trusted his advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has immigration issues. I know that he is the best lawyer for your job. Thank you, Philip!”

— Zoulfia

“My husband and I used Philip Eichorn for our immigration case. We started the process in November and I received my green card in March. I cannot recommend Phil enough. He was very knowledgeable about all areas of immigration and explained all the aspects that pertained to our case in easy to understand non-lawyer speak. Phil was always available via email or phone to answer all our questions and allay my fears (of which there were plenty). Even though it was his birthday Phil flew to Charlotte for our hearing and even though we had every ready, just having him there made all the difference. At every step on the process Phil was there to make sure we were as prepared as possible and I know without him I’d still be waiting to hear if I could stay in the USA. Thank you Phil.. 🙂 I would recommend to anyone that they use Philip Eichorn for their legal issues. He didn’t let us down and I know he won’t let you down either.”

— Claire

“I have worked with numerous attorneys and can honestly say that the experience with Mr. Eichorn was pleasantly not the norm. He actually performed the services needed and did so with a caring work ethic that is very rare among lawyers. I mattered. My case was important. I had his undivided attention when I needed it and his schedule allowed for that time. I never felt that I was rushed or that he needed to be somewhere else when we met.My husband and I had argued, in one form or another, with the INS/CIS for close to ten years before we were connected with Phil. My husband wanted his citizenship with a passion that it is difficult for an American (by birth) to understand. It was a lifelong dream and with all the bureaucratic nonsense and ridiculous time delays that we experienced, the dream looked more and more like it would never become a reality.

Then we found Mr. Eichorn. Phil understood. He got it! He truly represented my husband with, not only his knowledge, but also with the passion that is impossible for the average person to present to the deaf ears of government employees that always met us with a, “yeah, moving right along, who cares” attitude. He knew what INS/CIS was allowed to do and what they were not allowed to do. He knew the laws. His written work products were so concise, in fact, that a case that could have been held up for years in Court was won without even having to appear in Court.
My husband’s lifelong dream realized on April 4, 2008. Mr. Eichorn attended the ceremony with us in a gesture of friendship and refused to be paid for doing so, even when I insisted. He is more that an attorney for us.

Mr. Eichorn’s excellence and work ethic would be very hard to match. He is the best man for your job. My husband, THE AMERICAN CITIZEN, and I have no doubt that if he says he can help you, he will, and if unable to help you, he will not lead you to believe he can.

You can trust what he says. Probably the most important of any traits one needs to consider when selecting an attorney.
There are no words to express the gratitude and respect that we feel for Mr. Phil Eichorn. What price would you pay for peace of mind? There is nothing more valuable.”

— Lou Ann N.

“I, a US citizen, and my wife, a foreign student in the US, had been trying to obtain her permanent residence for over a year before we met Mr. Eichorn. We originally tried to maneuver the maze of Customs and Immigration on our own, but experienced a number of problems along the way. It only made matters worse that USCIS was little to no help for us, often giving us the cold shoulder and telling us to go home and wait.All that changed after we found Mr. Eichorn. He understood our situation and was able to help us resolve all the issues surrounding our case. He was able to get answers out of USCIS when we couldn’t even get the time of day from them. He knew the laws (often better than the Immigration officers,) and knew exactly who to talk with at USCIS to get the ball rolling.

His service in handling our case was impeccable. His knowledge of the law is excellent, he has always responded to us quickly, and has always kept us well informed of developments with our case.

My wife and I highly recommend him.

The only thing we regret is that we didn’t find Mr. Eichorn sooner.”


“Chris and I were not satisfied with our prior immigration attorney as she failed to work or return our calls in a timely manner. We then decided to retain attorney, Phil Eichorn. We are absolutely thrilled with our decision. Mr. Eichorn has handled our case in a conscientious and professional manner. He made us feel comfortable and he prepared us for every step in our immigration process. We are happy to have him as our attorney and would recommend him to anyone who needs a great attorney at a reasonable fee.”

— Gillian and Chris

“Philip Eichorn, is the most honest, hardworking, knowledgeable, reliable & trustworthy attorney. He is someone who will do things right from the start. Someone to represent you, who understands the law & will explain it to you in a way -you can understand. He will join you with the hope of victory – backed by realistic view points. He is someone you will be confident in & really be proud to have on your side. Philip is a special attorney, He is not one of a million in his field, he truly is one in a million! He will treat you & your case with a “human touch.” He is a real person who cares. “He Really wants to be Your Hero” Philip is like this in each case he acquires, which is very rare to find. You can feel comfortable in knowing, you will not be taken advantage of. I am so very proud & honored to have found Philip Eichorn. He is my Hero…..for being real in a sometimes cold cruel world. I appreciate Philip for looking & thinking outside the box. I believe he will go down in the history books for changing America for the better… fighting for Justice. ….he will not stop & that amazes me. Philip is one of those people that make me realize ….there is good people left in today’s society. Believe me- I have been to many attorneys…in search for the right one. Philip Eichorn, is a Bright and shining star for me. I know he will be for you too! He really is Amazing!

— Divine Saleh