Fighting Deportation for Clients throughout the United States

At the law firm of Hammond Law Group, LLC, we fight deportation cases.  We are tough, dedicated and we will do everything possible to find a way to win your deportation or removal case.   We continually provide cutting edge defense strategies.  Our Cleveland immigration lawyers stay current on the constant changes to the deportation, removal and immigration detention laws.

For clarity, deportation cases must have started before 1997.  Since that time, deportation and exclusion (or what’s now called inadmissibility) cases are called removal proceedings.   The government starts removal proceedings for a variety of reasons.  Understanding the government’s reasons and understanding the facts from both points of view allows the removal attorneys at Hammond Law Group to create the best defense to fight the deportation or the removal.

Any person who is not a citizen of the United States can be deported or removed.  Having a green card makes it a little harder but does not make someone immune from deportation proceedings or removal proceedings.  Most of the time, green card holders get ordered deported for criminal convictions.  Sometimes it is not the first conviction that triggers the removal proceedings, but instead the second or third.  Another common issue for green card holders is that they commit some kind of fraud to get their green card and the government finds out about it during their naturalization process.

The last issue in this short summary of removal cases for green card holders is the circumstance of when a green card holder gets convicted of a crime which doesn’t make them removable but then when they travel internationally and attempt to return, that’s when the issue arises.  The most common case for this circumstance is when a green card holder gets convicted for possession of a small amount of marijuana.  It’s not usually a deportable crime but if they travel internationally and attempt to return they are considered inadmissible and can be jailed without bond during the course of the removal proceedings.  We know how to fight these cases and have done so with great success over the past decade.

For people who run across the border or wade through the Rio Grande or swim across Lake Erie and do so without presenting themselves to Border Patrol or Customs and Border Protection, those people have entered without inspection (“EWI”).  When DHS catches them, they are charged in removal proceedings as having entered without inspection at an unknown date, time and place.   EWI cases are very common and are what the politicians fight about.  If you know someone who entered without being inspected and is now in removal proceedings, we can still fight for them.

Deportation and removal cases have three stages.  We can fight at all three stages provided there are good faith arguments.  The government must prove the facts they have alleged.  The government must also prove that facts trigger a violation of the immigration laws.  These two stages are ripe for challenges.  Many Cleveland immigration attorneys will “admit and concede” and move right through these stages without putting up a fight.  If there are relevant, good-faith challenges, we’ll make them for you.

If the government succeeds and proves the facts as alleged and the judge finds that the foreign national is subject to deportation or removal, that person can apply for relief from removal.  This is the third stage.  Many foreign nationals can go from no status to having a green card.  It simply depends on their factual circumstances and their immigration lawyer’s ability to understand how those facts and circumstances make them eligible for relief from removal.

Getting a grant of that application for relief from removal is another fight your removal lawyer must win with you (not for you).  Most of the time, you are the star in relief cases and it’s how you present yourself and how you state your case to the judge that wins the day.  We’ll prepare you for it but you have to win it….and you can!

This website contains other pages that go into more detail about how we represent foreign nationals in removal proceedings and how we can help fight deportation or otherwise provide representation in removal proceedings:

Our firm has extensive experience helping people with all of these matters and other removal cases such as reinstatement of removal, or administrative removal or even working to reopen old removal orders.  This experience includes representation in over twenty different courts throughout the United States.

We understand deportation and removal cases are time-sensitive.  We also understand how these cases can cause frustration and anxiety.   Please contact Hammond Law Group, LLC today if you, your family member or someone close to you is in removal or deportation proceedings.  The smartest thing to do when in removal proceedings is to hire a team of immigration attorneys who fight these cases on a regular basis.  So please give us a call at 216-970-7102.