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Welcome to the webpage for the Cleveland, Ohio branch of Hammond Law Group, LLC.   Attorney Philip Eichorn started his solo practice in 2008 and Attorney Christy Turovskiy joined the Firm in 2014 as an associate attorney.  In late 2015 Attorney Eichorn joined his Firm with Hammond Law Group (HLG), which is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Attorneys Eichorn and Turovskiy kept their existing clients and began servicing many of the HLG clients.  As the attorneys had developed many relationships and referrals over the years in Cleveland and throughout Ohio, maintaining this website for the branch office makes sense as a point of contact for all those returning clients and their referrals.

At HLG, we dedicate our law practice to ensuring U.S. based businesses (small and large and Fortune 500 size) can acquire the foreign workers they need for their business plans.  Attorney Eichorn works primarily with IT companies and helping them provide foreign national IT staff for their projects across the country usually with the H-1B visa system.  Mr. Eichorn frequently assists and prepares H-1B specialty occupation workers and H-4 dependents with visa stamping and also on how to avoid or overcome a 221(g) US visa refusal notice.  Additionally, Mr. Eichorn focuses his practices on representing investors and entrepreneurs seeking immigration solutions.  ­Attorney Turovskiy focuses her employment immigration practice on Fortune 500 companies and specifically working with their H-1B specialty occupation workers, L-1 intracompany transferees, O-1 extraordinary ability work visa applicants, and TN Trade NAFTA professionals.  She also represents clients who are seeking permanent resident status, including those cases involving extraordinary ability, outstanding professor/researcher, and National Interest Waivers.

In addition to the above, Attorneys Eichorn and Turovskiy continue to work diligently in representing their clients who are individuals and families that are seeking green cards, citizenship or appealing immigration judge decisions or USCIS denials.  Attorney Eichorn very much enjoys challenging immigration judges’ orders of removal to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) or appealing BIA denials of appeals to the respective circuit courts.  His practice also includes challenging marriage fraud determinations, Adam Walsh Act denials, naturalization denials and other USCIS denials.  Attorney Turovskiy readily enjoys working on family-based green card cases either through adjustment of status or consular processing.  She also commits a portion of her practice to working with individuals who seek Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), U-Visa nonimmigrant status and status on the basis of VAWA (for abused spouse or child self-petitioners).

It’s this mix of clientele and case type that provides a fun and energetic working environment and one where our clients feel comfortable just stopping by to say hello.  Without a shadow of a doubt, we are not your old school stodgy law firm.  In fact we work hard to have a relaxed office atmosphere which helps each client feels comfortable with us as his or her legal team.

Client comfort is generally attributed to the client’s ability to connect with and communicate with their lawyers.  So, at HLG, we believe client-centric is not a sufficient definition.  We are client-driven.  From the time our team enters the building, they’re focused on ensuring each client’s case is handled not just with great legal work but with the utmost customer service possible.

A recent study showed that less than 10% of potential clients actually talked with a lawyer, that those who submitted email inquiries would wait days for a response and more than 10% of callers hung up because they couldn’t talk with the person they called to speak with.  At HLG, you will talk to an attorney.  You won’t wait days for a response and if the attorney you wish to speak with is not available, he or she will return your call or email by the end of the day.  That’s our commitment to our potential new clients and existing clients alike.

Going through the immigration process can be very stressful and not having the answers to the above   Reducing the client stress level by proactively answering these questions is one of the reasons the team gets great reviews and constantly gets referrals from satisfied clients.  The team at HLG tries to think like the client.  We use our experience and understand two primary issues for most clients.  First, the client wants to know what happens next in the process.  Second, the client wants to how to remove as many variables as possible and thereby reduce as much risk as possible.  For all clients, the more known the process and roadblocks, the more they can work through the stress and anxiety of the case.  We work hard to address all of these issues at the inception of the engagement.  And when something comes up, we answer your questions and we adapt.  Let us reduce your stress.

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