Cleveland Based National Immigration Attorneys Assist with Visa Stamping

Hammond Law Group provides visa stamping consulting services for individuals returning to their home countries for the issuance of H-1B and H-4 visas and for individuals seeking visa stamping as Third Country Nationals in Canada and Mexico.

In the past, most people completed visa stamping without the aid of an immigration attorney. However, with the recent increase in visa denials, higher issuance rate of 221(g) notices, and heightened scrutiny by consulates on all visa applications, many people are now requesting our assistance in preparing for the visa stamping process.  Another recent trend in which consulates are subjecting H-4 visa (family member) cases to a higher level of scrutiny of the H-1B visa for the primary H-1B visa holder. The H-4 visa applicants are being required to provide all of the supporting documentation, including end-client letters, proof of placement, and Labor Condition Application/Wage Compliance, for the primary H-1B holding family members prior to the issuance of their H-4 visas.

For these reasons, HLG handles the preparation of all visa-stamping cases in the same manner, and without regard to whether the application is for the primary H-1B visa holder or for an H-4 dependent. Our Cleveland immigration lawyers treat each visa applicant as a standalone case because the questions the consular officer ask of a spouse or child of the primary visa holder will likely be different than those questions asked of the primary visa holder.  During the course of preparing our clients for their visa-stamping interview, we provide the following services:

Document Collection and Review

  • Collection of standard documentation required for all visa stamping applications,
  • Collection of documentation unique to the applicant’s consulate,
  • VisaScreens for healthcare professionals,
  • Licensure for professionals.
  • Employment confirmation letters,
  • End-client letters and other Neufeld and/or Matter of Simeio Solutions related considerations,
  • Documentation relating to maintenance of status, including but not limited to prior visas, student I-20’s, changes of status, and extensions of status.
  • Collection of proof of relationship documentation for dependents.
  • Collection of supplementary evidence when problems exist with primary identification documents such as birth and marriage certificates.

H-1B and Related Document Review

Review the H-1B visa petition and supporting documents and determine whether any issues exist which may create problems. Review all Labor Condition Applications (LCA) for issues related to posting requirements, placement changes and other issues of materiality. Review the applicant’s weekly wage history to ensure LCA compliance.

Individual Immigration Review

Review the applicant’s immigration history to identify any issues which may cause problems for the application, such as criminal arrests, diversion program matters and convictions; health problems; tax problems; and issues regarding the financial ability to support dependents.

Online Application Preparation Review

Review applicant’s completed Form DS-160 and provide guidance prior to their completion and submission to the consulate. Given the current state of the online application process, the client completes the online visa application, prints it to .pdf format and then the client submits it to our office via email for review in conjunction with the H-1B petition and corresponding supporting documentation. We then advise the client to make any appropriate corrections. The client then completes the DS-160 and submits the application online. Provide guidance regarding interview scheduling. The client is responsible for actually scheduling the interview.

Individual Interview Preparation Session

Maybe the most important portion of the services provided is the individual interview preparation session.  With one of our experienced visa and immigration attorneys, we will conduct a one-on-one conference with client generally via phone or Skype, to prepare the client for the actual interview, and consular specific procedures.  These prep sessions generally last 30-45 minutes.


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