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On August 18, 2012, the Obama Administration announced it will form a high-level task force and review the approximately 300,000 pending removal cases. The task force will identify and administratively close removal proceedings against individuals found to be a "low" enforcement priority. Administrative closure is not a dismissal or termination, it simply "deactivating and putting the case on a shelf for a substantial period of time." The review process, will be jointly conducted by members of both the Departments of Justice (Executive Office of Immigration Review) and Department of Homeland Security, is intended to ease the tremendous backlog in the immigration courts. It is also designed to ensure that government resources are focused on cases involving the government's highest immigration enforcement priorities-such as public safety, national security and border security.

This is not a change in the law. This is a change in policy and how the government wants to handle removal cases. This memorandum does not create a right or benefit for foreign nationals. It merely means a delay in processing their cases. This may not be advantageous to some people. Contact your lawyer or contact us at 216.970.7102.

With the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the American Immigration Council we applaud the Supreme Court's decision in Padilla v. Kentucky. This landmark case bestows the right to competent advice and counsel as to the risk of deportation for any guilty plea entered by a foreign national.

This landmark case bestows the right to competent advice and counsel as to the risk of deportation for any guilty plea entered by a foreign national.

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Charlotte Immigration Court Update

The court has added a third judge, V. Stuart Couch. Judge Couch has been training in the Cleveland Immigration Court recently. He received his bachelor of arts from Duke in 1987 and his law degree from Campbell University and a masters of law from George Washington in 2008. He comes from private practice and was in the Marines for 22 years.

Due to lack of "bed space" in North and South Carolina, ICE routinely moves detainees (who reside in the Carolinas) to Georgia where the Atlanta Immigration court hears bond motions. If the foreign national is not granted bond, the Atlanta immigration judge will routinely hold on to the case. If a bond motion is filed with the Charlotte Immigration Court prior to the foreign national departing the Carolinas, the Charlotte immigration judge will hold on to the case. Contact an Experienced Removal Lawyer Charlotte, North Carolina

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