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Deportation Lawyer Based In Cleveland Ohio

At the law firm of Philip Eichorn Co., LPA, we stay on top of current legal events and changes to the law that deal with deportation and removal issues.   Deportation is part of removal proceedings.  Deportation means that someone has been admitted to the U.S. and the government now seeks to deport them (physically remove them) for some violation.  Also within removal proceedings are actions taken by the government to remove non-citizens who have entered the U.S. without inspection (EWI) and have since been identified by Department of Homleand Security.  As well, some permanent residents who have been convicted of certain crimes and travel internationally may also be placed into removal proceedings.

Our firm has extensive experience helping people with all of these matters. We understand the time sensitive nature of most of these issues and we will immediately begin working on your case once you become a client. Choose an experienced lawyer who will take appropriate action to protect your right (or your family member's right) to remain in the country. Our deportation and removal attorneys are based in Cleveland, Ohio and are passionate about helping people who want to pursue the American dream.

Please contact Phillip Eichorn Co., LPA today for help with deportation and removal issues anywhere in the country and especially in Cleveland, Ohio and Charlotte, North Carolina. We can help ensure you best interests are protected in immigration matters and we offer consultations to learn more about your needs and goals.