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Facing federal criminal charges can be a devastating experience. It is critically important that you work with a lawyer who is experienced with the federal criminal justice system.

If you are an immigrant facing criminal charges, it is even more important that your defense attorney knows how to minimize the impact of criminal charges on your immigration status. At the law office of Hammond Law Group, LLC, we have the experience in both criminal and immigration cases that you need.

Aggressive, Seasoned, Diligent Federal Criminal Defense

Our Cleveland federal criminal defense attorney provides aggressive, experienced defense against a wide range of federal crimes, including:

  • Immigration-related crimes: Including naturalization fraud, alien smuggling, making false statements to obtain citizenship, illegal re-entry into the United States and other crimes related to immigration.
  • Drug crimes: Including interstate drug trafficking, illegal importation of narcotics or controlled substances, drug cultivation, drug manufacture or drug distribution, maintaining or operating a drug house, conspiracy to sell drugs and other drug-related charges.
  • Fraud and embezzlement: Including mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, bank fraud, Internet fraud, securities fraud, investment fraud, theft, embezzlement, import and export crimes, and other white collar crimes.
  • Violent crimes: Including armed robbery, use of a semi-automatic weapon, firearms trafficking and other weapon charges, arson, hate crimes, interstate domestic violence, drive-by shootings, murder and other violent crimes.

You Need Skilled Defense Against Federal Criminal Charges

The federal government takes a different approach to cases that make it difficult for any attorney unfamiliar with the federal legal system to provide an adequate defense. For one thing, the federal authorities typically do not share as much information as the state authorities, right up to trial. Another difference is that a large number of federal offenses are pursued as conspiracy cases. This further complicates the process of preparing a strong defense.

It is also important to know that sentences under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are usually more severe than sentences for state crimes such as drunk driving/DUI. If you are convicted of a federal offense, you will almost always have to serve your entire sentence.

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The American Immigration Lawyers Association and the American Immigration Council applaud the Supreme Court's decision in Padilla v. Kentucky. This landmark case bestows the right to competent advice and counsel as to the risk of deportation for any guilty plea entered by a foreign national.