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Immigration Lawyer Philip Eichorn

I believe deeply in the promise of America as a nation of immigrants. Throughout our history, immigrants and refugees from all corners of the world have come to the United States, determined to improve their lives through hard work. In the process, they have made this country a strong and great nation. We must continue to attract the best and brightest from across the globe for our nation to flourish.  My firm is dedicated to continuing that dream by diligently representing immigrants from across the globe.

In addition to running my firm, I am the Chairperson of the Ohio Chapter of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).  I serve on the national organization's Board of Governors as a chapter chairperson.  Locally, we work with USCIS, ICE, Border Patrol and other agencies to refine policies that are not slanted in the govenrment's favor.  We host pro bono events to give those without the financial means the opportunity to apply for immigration benefits and have access to counsel.

In addition to the work with AILA, I teach immigration law at Cleveland State Cleveland Marshall School of Law.  Regularly I speak about a variety of immigration related topics to local bar associations.  Most recently, my talks on Crimmigration and Immigration Detainers were heard by the Toledo Bar Association, the Ohio State Bar Association, the Lorain County Bar Association and the West Shore Bar Association.

When you make a decision about a lawyer, you want someone who will communicate with you, explain to you the issues, provide you with well-grounded advice and fight hard to win your case.   We have those qualities and a decade of experience on our side.

If you have an immigration law or criminal-immigration issue, please e-mail or call my law practice at 866-448-2994, Philip Eichorn Co., LPA, today for a case assessment.